Unlinked Properties and Alerts

Each of these reports (accessible from Tools | Reports) allows you to see what (if any) properties and alerts in your system are not yet linked to live data.

Because some properties are not intended to be linked to live data, these reports are generated on a per-alert or a per-property basis.

The top of the report contains three controls - the name of the property (or alert), the context and the type - live or historical.

Most of the time, the report is run with the Actual context and the Live type.

Any items that appear in the list are not currently linked to data.

You can use the Export To File button to export the content to a spreadsheet to help you create an import file.

You can use the Bulk Changes button if you need to perform a bulk change to the assets (such as removing the property, or removing a type).

You can use the Auto-Link button to activate auto-linking and allow ARDI to try to figure out the proper link addresses on its own.