Detail: Placement

This page allows you to change the details of an assets location, appearance, environment and behaviour.


Note that if you don't yet have a location or appearance set for your asset, these buttons will be highlighted in yellow.

Pressing on 'Change Placement' allows you to pick a location for your asset. See setting asset locations for more detail on this process.


Pressing Change Appearance allows you to change the way the asset looks in ARDI-VE.

See setting asset appearance for more information on this section.

3D Environment

This allows you to tell ARDI that the asset is itself a 3D environment in which other assets can be found.

3D environments can be nested - for example, you can have an environment for a site with multiple buildings. Each building has it's own 3D environment, and each enclosure within that building also has its own unique 3D environment.

By clicking this button, you can either…

Bindings and Behaviours