Placing Assets in 2D

The location of your assets is often very poorly documented - ARDI gives you several ways to specify the location so that you won't have trouble finding them in the future.

Using the Map

1) Open the map. The easiest way to do this is to select the environment that your asst is in from the find assets page.

2) Find the floor. Choose the floor that this asset is on (if you only have a single floor, this won't be required)

3) Place the asset. Right click on the position where you'd like to place your asset. A popup will appear that allows you to search for the name/equipment reference number etc. for the asset you're placing. Once you select the asset from the list, it will be placed in the location you clicked.

4) Set the size. Finally, adjust the size by moving the mouse (you will see the red dot indication the location of your asset expand and contract as you do) and click to confirm.

Other Methods

Other methods are discussed in HowTo: Set Asset Locations