ARDI is available in for two major platforms - Ubuntu Linux and Windows.

Either way, we suggest running ARDI on a dedicated server or virtual machine.

Windows Installation

You can download the ARDI server installer from

Once installation is complete, the setup process is identical to the one for Ubuntu - visit http://localhost to visit the ARDI web site. Take a look at the installation video below and skip to the licensing section at 2:22 for instructions on how to activate ARDI.

Installation: Windows

Linux Installation

For low-cost setup and easy maintenance, we suggest Ubuntu 16.04 LTS as our platform of choice. It's free, popular, extremely stable and supported by major VPS cloud hosting providers such as Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean.

We provide installer scripts to make installation of ARDI on a new Linux system extremely straight-forward. In fact, it only takes two commands to get your basic ARDI server up and running.

An example of the full process of installing ARDI on a cloud-based server (which is almost identical to an on-premises server, apart from the need to install Ubuntu) is in the video below…

Ubuntu is based on the Debian operating system, which is also used as the operating system for many small hardware devices, such as the Raspberry PI, BeagleBone Black and PCDuino, which are low-cost hardware options for ARDI.

Installation: Debian-Based Linux