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Your license can be downloaded after you've both created an ARDI subscription and validated it.

Creating a subscription is done through the ARDI web store. Simply sign in, hit 'Subscriptions' and create one there.

There are two key options to choose when picking subscription - the number of active elements you need, and the number of simultaneous users who will be using the system.

The active element count changes how many assets or data links you can have.

Once you have both created a subscription and installed a copy of ARDI, you'll be able to validate your subscription.

Installing your First License

After you've installed ARDI, you'll be prompted to upload your license file.

Often, this file is provided by your OEM or system integrator. Otherwise, it will be sourced from the Optrix online store.

Validating - Generating Your License File from the Optrix Store

Creating your license requires a server fingerprint - this is a file that is created from the ARDI web interface that identifies your particular server.

In order for the server fingerprint to work, your server must have at least one static IP address that you want to host ARDI from.

We also suggest accessing your server from its full DNS name. If you use the IP address only, you may find that your license will only allow access from that IP address. Using the proper DNS name when downloading your server fingerprint will ensure your machine is licensed appropriately.

The flow works like this…

  • Generate your Server Fingerprint (this is a clickable link from your ARDI server)
  • Upload the fingerprint to the Optrix License Activation Site.
  • The activation site then generates your license file, which you can download.
  • Upload the license file to your ARDI server.

Those that are curious can download a temporary license (great for training or review purposes) from

Updating your License

As your license expiry gets closer, you'll be send emails from your provider letting you know. The ARDI web interface will also raise alerts to let you know that the expiry time is growing near (these alerts will begin to appear 45 days before license expiry).

To update your license before the old one expires, click on the alert to be taken to the license information page. From there, you can find the Renew License button.


Please ensure that the file you upload is a valid and current license file. Uploading the wrong file will shut-down your ARDI server and all ARDI services.

License Errors

If you encounter a License Error #10, you have an issue with your server fingerprint. Normally, this is encountered when all of your servers IP addresses are dynamic.

To resolve the issue, set your server to a static IP and re-license the server.