Managing Units of Measurement

You manage your list of units of measurement from the Administration page.

The UOM list is slightly different to other lists, due to the fact that units of measurement are grouped together according to what they are measurements of.

For example, all flow relationships are grouped together, the same way as power, distance, force and other measurements are.

Deleting Measurement Units

You can delete measurement units simply by clicking on the minus sign that appears just to the right of the unit name.

Adding Measurement Units

You can add new measurement units by pressing Add New Measurement Unit below the list.

You will need to fill in four fields in order to create a new unit of measurement…

AbbreviationThe formal abbreviation for your unit. Remember to add a space if there is normally a gap between value and unit.
CategoryThe type of measurement that this unit applies to - for example, Temperature or Force
ValueThe value compared to the reference unit. The reference unit is the one first created (and with the smallest abbreviation)
OffsetThe offset that needs to be applied to express this unit in terms of the reference unit.

For example, ARDI ships with the unit 'N' (Neuton) already defined as a measurement of force. If you wanted to add kiloneutons, you could use the options in the image above.