Managing Contexts

You manage your list of contexts from the Administration page.

The context list follows the same structure as all of the other admin lists and can be used to add, modify and delete contexts from ARDI.

Erasing a context will also delete any and all data links associated with it. Re-entering or recovering this information can take quite some time. Please only erase a context if you are certain that the context is no longer required.

Adding a Context

Adding a context requires only one thing - the name of the new context.

A name should be chosen that can easily be added to the name of your properties so that it clearly indicates the origin of the data.

For example, the default context is called Actual (as in actual temperature, actual pressure etc.)

Your context name should be along a similar vein - examples include….

  • Simulated
  • Ideal
  • Snapshot
  • Modelled
  • Expected
  • Worst-Case