Area Of Effect

Area-Of-Effect is a system built into ARDI-VE to allow you to visualise properties that aren't usually visible in any way on their own - particularly those properties such as rates of air-flow or gas levels that exist between assets.

If you enable Area-Of-Effect (from the properties list) by switching the Area-Of-Effect settings from No Area Of Effect to Show An Area, it will enable that property to be displayed using the Area-Of-Effect system.

There is one last task required - defining how large of an area each of your assets effect.

1) Go to the details of the assets with this property (or modify the type) and add the Area Of Effect property. 2) Specify a radius that the asset effects.

When you then use ARDI-VE and switch to viewing the AoE property, you'll find that…

1) The asset is now in a large sphere - this shows the radius of the measurement around the point.

2) Any relationships that carry the AoE property (for example, a relationship might exist between the air quality sensors along the direction of flow) will also include an area of effect between the points. This creates a connected network of points, where the colours representing values. If one point contains a low value and another has a high, the colours will blend along the line connecting the two.