ARDI Windows Services

ARDI runs several services on your system.

These include…

Apache2Apache is the web service that ARDI uses to deliver web content
MySQLThe database backend that ARDI uses to store information
ConsolidatorOne consolidator exists for every site. The consolidator is responsible for distributing live value data
DriversA service is created for each driver on each site

Running As Different Users

For Normal Services

If you need your services to run under a different user account, you configure this the standard way for your non-driver services.

For example, if you need an ARDI web addin to access information located on a domain-authenticated server, you would edit the login details for the Apache2 service in the Services snap-in.

For Driver Services

Drivers are different, in that ARDI will regularly remove and re-add driver services as part of general maintenance and back-end updates. This means changing your options in the service configuration will just be temporary.

If you would like drivers to be re-created with the correct login details, you need to modify the nssm.cfg file in c:\program files (x86)\optrix\ardi\drivers. A sample file is provided.

See more on the NSSM Additional Settings File to discover how to use it.