ARDI allows you to have a large collection of users, each with their own login to ARDI and their own permission level.

Permission Levels

Permission levels include…

BasicRead-only access to the assets and diagrams in ARDI. This is the same as what is available in guest mode.
Read/WriteThe ability to modify the properties of your assets, but not make other changes (such as adding properties)
AdminThe ability to make major changes to an ARDI database, including making new relationships.

User Sharing

If you host multiple databases (sites) in open mode, your user list is shared between all of your databases.

If you are not using open mode, each individual site will have it's own unique set of users.

External Authentication

Addons are available to add external authentication methods (such as Active Directory) to ARDI.

When you enable these addons, the local list of users still continues to work in the background (ie, you'll still be able to login to all of your existing ARDI accounts). The new authentication method is added on-top of the existing user list.

If available, when configuring the authentication addon, you'll be given the opportunity to link the security groups from the system in question to ARDI security groups. For example, you'll be able to link the 'ARDI Administrators' Active Directory group to the 'Admin' role in ARDI.

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