Creating An Asset

There are a number of places you can add assets in ARDI.

From the Diagram

The easiest is to simply do it from your asset diagram page. The '+' buttons on the diagram will allow you to put new assets in the correct locations in your Hierarchies.

Pressing the '+' button on the right hand side of an asset will add the asset as a new child, leaving all existing children there.

Pressing the '+' button on the left hand side of an asset will insert the asset between this asset and its parent(s).

All you need to do on the diagram page is enter the name of your asset (for example, 'Oil Filter'), then press the 'Add This Asset' link that appears.

You will then be taken to the Asset Creation Page.

When creating assets, it's important to consider our Asset Guidelines.

From an Import

If you need to create a large number of assets quickly, you can consider importing your assets from a spreadsheet. These imports are quick and easy but do require a little more technical expertise.

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