AQL Query

AQL stands for ARDI Query Language. It's a simplistic language based roughly on the SQL standard that allows you to select assets based on criteria.

NOTE: The AQL language is in a very early stage - its current functionality is rather limited.


You can make an AQL query using the AQL Query, which is found under Tools | Reports in the sidebar.


The following are examples of AQL queries you can perform.

Show All Assets Of A Type

SELECT 'Conveyor'

This shows all assets that have a type of Conveyor.

Show All Assets With A Combination of Types

SELECT 'Conveyor' WHERE ISTYPE('Soft Starting')=1

This shows all Conveyor assets that also have the Soft Starting type.

Show All Down-Stream Assets

SELECT ASSETS UNDER "CV2-4" via "Raw Coal"

This asks for every asset ('ASSETS' in the command means that they aren't limited by type) that can be found after CV2-4 on the Raw Coal relationship.

Show All Down-Stream Asset Values

SHOW 'Placement' FOREACH ASSETS UNDER "CV2-4" via "Raw Coal"

This asks for the physical location (the Placement property) for every asset that is fed Raw Coal from the asset with the ID CV2-4.

Show All Down-Stream Asset Value Binding Details

SHOW 'Healthy' LINKADDR FOREACH "Conveyor Drive"

Returns the binding details for the Healthy property for every asset that has a type of Conveyor Drive