Managing 3D Models

You manage your list of models from the Administration page.

The model list follows the same structure as all of the other admin lists and can be used to add, update and delete your collection of 3D models and their acompanying skins.

Adding 3D Models

Like Symbols, 3D models in ARDI are distributed in packages, Each package includes one model and one or more skins.

To add a model to ARDI…

  • Download or create the package file
  • Press Add New Model at the bottom of the model list
  • Select the downloaded file and press Add Model.

The model will be uploaded, processed and added to your collection.

Updating a 3D model

Editing and updating the details of a 3D model are features designed for those who have some understanding of how to create new models.

For most people, this section won't be of use and models shouldn't be updated.

Click on the name of one of your installed 3D models to edit it.

The 3D model page has two areas - one where you can replace your 3D model and another where you can add or update your skins.

Adding a Skin

To add a skin, press 'Add New Skin'.

Here you can choose the name of the skin, the diffuse texture and surface texture for the skin.

Once you've selected all three, press 'Add New Skin'.

Updating Geometry

If you've updated the base OBJ file for the 3D model, you can replace the model by pressing Replace Model, choosing the new OBJ, and hitting Replace 3D Model to confirm.